Podcasting 101 at MIT

At KansasFest 2011, Open Apple took you behind the scenes to show you how sausage podcasts get made. The audio and video of that session was published shortly thereafter, but we’ve learned plenty more since then. Both Mike and Ken have applied those lessons to the launch of new podcasts: Challenge Talk, No Quarter, and The Pubcast.

Ken recently had the opportunity to share those experiences with MIT’s Social Media Working Group. Despite the academic audience, the session was aimed at anyone who wants to do podcasting: what your topic should be (niche and target), what you need (hardware, software, time, and a co-host!), where to get royalty-free intro music, and more.

Although the presentation was not specifically about Open Apple, much of the material was derived from and is applicable to the Apple II community’s only monthly podcast. Ken’s key points were succinctly outlined by Robyn Fizz, MIT Information Services & Technology News Coordinator, in the article “Podcasting 101: A guide to getting started“. If you want to hear the entire show, the audio (with follow-up Q&A), set to Keynote slides, in this 38-minute TechTV video.

Thanks to Rob Walch and Mike Maginnis for the advice and assets that went into this presentation!