Open Apple #81: Remembering Tony Diaz

Tony Diaz

For decades, Tony Diaz held the record of the only person to have attended every KansasFest. Whether at that convention, on the comp.sys.apple2 Usenet newsgroup, or on his livestreams, he would share his comprehensive knowledge of Apple II hardware and demo the rare prototypes in his vast collection. When KansasFest lost its home at Avila University, Tony, then the head of the KansasFest committee, helped find the event its new home at Rockhurst. And as a member of the Juiced.GS staff, he would respond to reader queries about how to restore their vintage equipment.

In memory of Tony, who passed away in October 2021, Open Apple‘s original co-hosts, Em Maginnis and Ken Gagne, reunite to remember their friend and his passions, accomplishments, quirks, and foibles.

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Special Show: Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder, chairman, and former CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. In this special episode, Mike and Ken remember an industry leader, visionary, and rascal.

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Special Show #1: Remembering Ryan Suenaga

Ryan Suenaga

Apple II podcaster, programmer, writer, editor, and event coordinator Ryan Suenaga has passed away. In this special episode, Mike and Ken remember their friend.

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