Open Apple #53 (November 2015) : David Schroeder, Phreaking, 8-bit Mice

This month on Open Apple we sit down with David Schroeder, author of classic Apple II games such as Crisis Mountain, Dino Eggs, and Short Circuit. We talk about the randomness of our passionate brand-loyalty, the logistical realities of early Apple II development, and the magical era of “one-person, one-game”. We get into a lot of the technical details of Crisis Mountain and Dino Eggs, so you might pick up some tips for your own Apple II projects! David also has great memories of the economic and design realities of the time, where everyone was scrambling to figure out what a computer game was, and what players really wanted. Game developers are still fighting that battle, but at least we have a definition of “video game” now.

We’re sharing David’s games in the show notes below, with his permission! In exchange, he asks that you patronize, share and support Dino Eggs: Rebirth.

After that we jam through some quick news, bask in the fallout (see what I did there?) of the GEOS episode, and we get down and dirty with rodents. Do you have the GS with the bigger Em Bees? Trust us, you want the bigger Em Bees.

You might notice that we’re continuing to tighten up the show. Let us know how you feel about this trend in our show length! Do you like the shorter episodes? Miss the epic three hour monsters? Email us at feedback (at) open-apple (dot) net. We have social media too, but we can never remember which ones.

More information on everything discussed in this episode, after the jump.

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Show #13 (March 2012) eBay auction results

In the March 2012 episode of the Open Apple podcast, Mike and Ken reviewed several eBay lots. The results of those auctions are below.

TitleStarting bidEnd date# BidsSold
Kensington ADB Turbo Mouse$25.99Mar 01, 2012 07:54:31 PST0relisted
Apple II J-plus with Videx card$0.01Feb 25, 2012 09:21:22 PST18$550 + S&H
Apple IIGS ROM 01 w/6 MB RAM$49.00Mar 05, 2012 20:45:27 PST$675 + $49 S&H
Bell & Howell Apple II$29.00Feb 14, 2012 18:00:34 PST19$455
Dumpling-64 printer buffer$15.00Feb 25, 2012 15:24:03 PSTrelisted and relisted
Woz-autographed Apple-1 schematic$45 (Buy It Now)14 sold, 5 still available

Show #4 (May 2011) eBay auction results

In the May episode of the Open Apple podcast, Mike, Ken, and Steve reviewed several eBay auctions. The results of those auctions are below, in the order in which they ended. (Some “Buy It Now” auctions, as well as those auctions that are still ongoing, are not included.)

TitleStarting bidEnd date# BidsSold
Vintage Computer Museum collection$199,999.99This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
Englebart mouse$15,000.00This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
Apple boxes$100 Buy It Now + $25 shippingSold
Bell & Howell Apple II Plus (Darth Vader)$0.99May 08, 2011 12:53:05 PDT13$380.55 + $30 S&H
Apple Computer watch, 18k plated$100 (Buy It Now)May 08, 2011 16:32:34 PDTSold
Risk$0.99May 15, 2011 09:35:21 PDT1$0.99 + $6 S&H