Show #17 (July 2012) eBay auction results

In the July 2012 episode of the Open Apple podcast, Mike and Ken reviewed several eBay lots. The results of those auctions are below.

TitleStarting bidEnd date# BidsSold
Apple IIe 8 MHz UltraWarp accelerator card$1.00Jun-18-12 19:05:36 PDT35$328.55 + $15 S&H
Apple IIe joystick controller$29.99Jul 02, 201204:47:05 PDT5 sold
Bill Budge's Space Album auction$60.00Jun-11-12 19:32:07 PDT2$61 + $15 S&H
Akalabeth in a plastic bag$100.00Jun 11, 201219:17:45 PDT27$1285.13 + $15 S&H

Open Apple #17 (July 2012): Rich Dreher, Apple-1, Atari, and Robert Tripp

Rich Dreher at KansasFest 2012This month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken speak with Rich Dreher, developer of the CompactFlash For Apple (CFFA) card. The first batch of CFFA3000 cards sold out in 2011, and the second batch is now shipping with similar sales numbers. Rich takes us behind the scenes of the product’s success before dishing on other II hardware developers Vince Briel and Mike Willegal. We look at the astronomical numbers rare Apple-1 computers are fetching on eBay and at Sotheby’s and celebrate HyperCard turning 25 while Atari turns 40, though Mike objects to the latter. David Finnigan’s new book is out, and Robert Tripp is hot on his heels when an updated and digitized version of the classic What’s Where in the Apple — and we have the exclusive interview with Bob! All this content and all these guests make for our longest episode ever, perfect for listening to while you drive to next week’s KansasFest.

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