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Show #9 (November 2011) eBay auction results

In the November episode of the Open Apple podcast, Mike and Ken reviewed several eBay auctions. The results of those auctions are below.

TitleStarting bidEnd date# BidsSold
Apple 5.25" floppy drives$9.99 each + $9.99 S&H (Buy It Now)7 sold
Stephen Buggie's auction of AutoArk software$9 + $4 S&H (Buy It Now)Nov 19, 2011 15:11:43 PST1 sold
Original Apple II goes for $5,145$25.00Oct 27, 2011 13:37:06 PDT45$5,145 + $29.53 S&H
Fake Apple IIThis listing (180748758152) has been removed, or this item is not available
Bell & Howell w/numeric keypad$99.00Oct 20, 2011 19:22:20 PDT11$401 + $13.66 S&H

Melissa BarronThis month in Open Apple, Mike and Ken talk with Melissa Barron, the Apple II community’s famed tapestry artist. The three relate their experiences exploring the past and future of computer media at conventions and museums in Chicago and Rochester, exploring the methods used to create and preserve history. Further tributes are made to Steve Jobs, while Mike Westerfield reclassifies old BASIC tools and releases new ones. Lord British’s Texas mansion is up for sale — a fitting home for Vintage Computer Festival Southwest? We debate various models of floppy drives and are wary of fake and expensive Apple II computers on eBay but excited about new e-books and iOS apps of interest to retrocomputing enthusiasts.

Congratulations to Todd Holcomb, who named the game as Spy’s Demise! He won an autographed copy of Bob Bishop’s Bomber on cassette, courtesy Mike Maginnis.

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