Show #4 (May 2011) eBay auction results

In the May episode of the Open Apple podcast, Mike, Ken, and Steve reviewed several eBay auctions. The results of those auctions are below, in the order in which they ended. (Some “Buy It Now” auctions, as well as those auctions that are still ongoing, are not included.)

TitleStarting bidEnd date# BidsSold
Vintage Computer Museum collection$199,999.99This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
Englebart mouse$15,000.00This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
Apple boxes$100 Buy It Now + $25 shippingSold
Bell & Howell Apple II Plus (Darth Vader)$0.99May 08, 2011 12:53:05 PDT13$380.55 + $30 S&H
Apple Computer watch, 18k plated$100 (Buy It Now)May 08, 2011 16:32:34 PDTSold
Risk$0.99May 15, 2011 09:35:21 PDT1$0.99 + $6 S&H

Show #4 (May 2011): Steve Weyhrich, archiving history, humanism, and Outland

Steve WeyhrichThis month in Open Apple, Mike and Ken chat with Apple II historian Steve Weyhrich about strategies and philosophies for scanning, preserving, and publishing the story of the Apple II. Hardware hacks for the Apple IIc and expansion cards making their KansasFest debut caught our attention this month, as did the American Humanist Association recognizing Steve Wozniak, who earned a musical tribute from Jonathan Mann. Watches, shirts, boxes, and Risk topped our eBay auctions, while games ran the gamut from text adventures to Xbox spiritual successors to IIGS classics, with a few decorative posters thrown in for good measure. In addition to Dr. Steve, former KansasFest logo designer Chris Lackey makes not one but TWO guest appearances this month!

Congratulations to Jeremy Rand, who correctly named the game as Out of this World! He wins a $25 discount off KansasFest 2011 registration or a free KansasFest shirt. Next month’s winner will earn a 20% or $50 discount off one order.

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