Open Apple: Behind the Scenes

Mike and Ken are on the road instead of in the studio this month, so in lieu of a full episode, you’re invited to enjoy the audio from our KansasFest 2011 session, in which we detail the production methods, tricks, and secrets of Open Apple. We’ll be back in October!

Introduction (0:00 – 3:50)

Behind the Scenes (3:51 – 43:23)

Wrap-up (43:24 – 45:34)

Show #6 (July 2011): User groups, Beautiful Boot, KFest memories, and game tournaments

This month in Open Apple, Mike and Ken share the studio for a one-on-one recording session. We look at user groups, museums, and academic classes that celebrate the Apple II, as well as the growing collection of the Internet Archive, courtesy Jason Scott. While looking forward to next week’s KansasFest convention, memories of previous KFests are unearthed and examined. Unusual Apple II and Apple III machines are hot on eBay, as are the competitors in recent and upcoming arcade tournaments. And let’s not overlook the gauntlet that Richard Garriott has thrown down over the future of the Ultima franchise.

Congratulations to Alex Lee, who named the game as DuelTris! He won a $20 credit to the RetroFloppy store, courtesy David Schmidt. Next month’s winner gets a three-issue hardcopy collection of 300 Baud magazine.

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Introduction (0:00 – 12:58)

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