Open Apple #14 (Apr 2012): Brian Picchi, GameFest, Prince of Persia, and gadgets

Brian Picchi

This month on the Open Apple podcast, our hosts chat with world video game record holder and Apple II game critic Brian Picchi, whose YouTube channel showcases the best and worst of Apple II entertainment. It’s a good time to be a convention-goer: registration has opened for KansasFest 2012, the lineup for Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 has been announced, 8 Bit Weapon played at the Smithsonian’s opening of the Art of Video Games, and Jordan Mechner is keynoting PAX East. Kickstarter continues to be popular for reviving classic franchises, Ewen Wannop updates SNAP and SAFE on a shoestring budget, and Jordan Mechner unearths his Prince of Persia source code. On eBay, we found a rarer-than-the-Apple-1 copy of Akalabeth on cassette, a rare Apple IIGS-specific wristwatch, and a potential CFFA3000 scalper. Finally, we look at some gadgets that are new to us, including old iPads, new iPads, and DSLR cameras.

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Introduction (0:00 – 5:58)

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Welcome, ChatterBoxers!

ChatterBox Video Game Radio logo

Welcome to our friends and fans from the ChatterBox Video Game Radio Show! Open Apple co-host Ken Gagne appeared on ChatterBox episode #424 (MP3 / iTunes), where he and ChatterBox hosts Alon Waisman and Ara Shirinian talked about everything from chiptune music group 8 Bit Weapon performing at GameFest to John Romero keynoting KansasFest.

Ken has been a listener of ChatterBox since the first episode eight years ago, and previously had his letter read on the air on episode #323 (March 7, 2010). He much appreciates having had this opportunity to talk modern and retro gaming with friends old and new. We hope not only that ChatterBox‘s fans with an interest in retrocomputing will enjoy Open Apple, but that Open Apple fans will check out ChatterBox for an outsider’s unique perspective on the Apple II community.

(Also give a listen to ChatterBox’s 2005 interview with 8 Bit Weapon.)

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