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Rich Dreher at KansasFest 2012This month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken speak with Rich Dreher, developer of the CompactFlash For Apple (CFFA) card. The first batch of CFFA3000 cards sold out in 2011, and the second batch is now shipping with similar sales numbers. Rich takes us behind the scenes of the product’s success before dishing on other II hardware developers Vince Briel and Mike Willegal. We look at the astronomical numbers rare Apple-1 computers are fetching on eBay and at Sotheby’s and celebrate HyperCard turning 25 while Atari turns 40, though Mike objects to the latter. David Finnigan’s new book is out, and Robert Tripp is hot on his heels when an updated and digitized version of the classic What’s Where in the Apple — and we have the exclusive interview with Bob! All this content and all these guests make for our longest episode ever, perfect for listening to while you drive to next week’s KansasFest.

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The Open Apple episode & eBay index

The Open Apple Web site has added two new features to help you find specific episodes and eBay listings.

In the more than a year since Open Apple began broadcasting, 21 episodes have been published, with more to come. Now that we have such an extensive catalog of content, we have created a sortable, searchable database of shows that lists our airdates, episode titles, guests, and show length (in minutes).

Many of those episodes reviews several eBay listings, the results of which are later posted to the Open Apple blog. Every auction we’ve ever covered can now additionally be found in a single, comprehensive table. Excerpts from this table will be used for each monthly report.

Both listings can be found using the horizontal navigational bar at the top of the site.

We hope you find these tools useful and will let us know how we can further improve our site and show to better serve you!


Enjoy our extensive catalog of episodes from the Open Apple podcast!

Show #Release dateTitleGuestLength
76February 18, 2018Ken Gagne & Andy Molloy, Juiced.GS, NukesKen Gagne & Andy Molloy100.85
75December 24, 2017Seth Sternberger, Class Apples, GS GraphicsSeth Sternberger119.85
74September 19, 2017Mark Lemmert, Nox Archaist Kickstarter, Fake Quinn, and Softalk #5Mark Lemmert156.7667
73August 8, 2017Assembly Chicken PolyANTICast RoundtableKansasFest 2017 Podcasters Roundtable Session Broadcast60.8667
72July 16, 2017Peter Neubauer, KansasFest, Last JediPeter Neubauer87.1333
71May 30, 2017Michael Packard, Alien Downpour, Kermit (The Frog) Michael Packard100.1833
70April 18, 20176502 Workshop, 1st-Person Lo-Res, Softalk #4 Mark Lemmert104.1333
69April 4, 2017Craig Peterson, KansasFest, Computer Show! Craig Peterson94.7833
68March 4, 2017Emulator Updates, EDD, Softalk #3 (No guest)113.55
67February 2, 2017Year End Roundtable! Jeremy Barr-Hyde, Jorma Honkanen, Kate Szkotnicki, Chris Torrence56.9667
66December 28, 2016Glenda ‘The Atom’ Adams, Piracy Glenda 'The Atom' Adams101.25
65December 5, 2016Alex Lee, What Is The Apple IIgs? Alex Lee133.1167
64October 29, 2016John Brooks, Tiger Learning Computer, Softalk No Guest91.6167
63September 25, 2016Kate Szkotnicki, ProDOS 2.4, KansasFest Kate Szkotnicki100.5167
62August 24, 2016Mark Pilgrim, Passport, Ancient Legends Mark Pilgrim88.5167
61July 27, 2016KansasFest 2016, Chicken Missile Megapodcast No Guest85.5167
60June 22, 2016Sean Fahey, KansasFest 2016 Warmup Sean Fahey78.55
59May 31,2016Amy Kefauver, Lorri Hopping, Stuff4YourGS Amy Kefauver,Lorri Hopping100.3833
58May 3,2016Huibert Aalbers, SoundSmith, IIGS Stuff, Taiwanese Ham Huibert Aalbers127.35
57March 12,2016Bill Budge, Electronic Arts, PinballBill Budge92.3833
56February 21, 2016Peter Lount, Gemstone Warrior, KansasFestPeter Lount92.15
55January 31, 2016Henry Courbis, UltimateMicro, and ProDOS game conversionsHenry Courbis104.4667
54January 2, 20162015 Year End RoundtableCarrington Vanston, Charles Mangin, Randy Brandt87.3667
53November 28, 2015David Schroeder, Phreaking, 8-bit MiceDavid H. Schroeder98.4833
52October 31, 2015Robert Bowdidge, GEOS, GEOS and more GEOS!No Guest162.2167
51September 30, 2015Mike Westerfield, Opus ][, The Byte Works, Merlin 32No Guest132.8833
50August 31, 2015Rebecca Heineman, Plamen's Clones, GS/OS UpdatesNo Guest120.9833
49August 2, 2015Laine Nooney, Technowarp, 4amNo Guest173.1833
48July 12, 2015Tony Diaz, KansasFest Memories, Prototypes, and 8-bit DNSNo Guest153.5667
47.5May 31, 2015John Books via Matt Ownby
No Guest87.93
47May 28, 2015Jason Scott, Kaboom!, and Infocom secretsJason Scott137.8
46April 19, 2015Paul Lutus, Reactive Micro, and KansasFest KeynoteNo Guest128.67
45Mar 28, 2015Mark Kriegsman, FastLED, Transwarp GS Clone, and NewsapaloozaMark Kriegsman189.45
44Feb 28, 2015Beagle Bros Reunion Roundtable, Andrew RoughanNo Guest129.17
43Jan 22, 2015Happy New Year with Ben Heck!No Guest113.9
42Jan 1, 20152014 Year-End Roundtable, Eric Shepherd, Sarah W., Carrington VanstonEric Shepherd, Carrington Vanston, Sarah W.113.27
41November 30, 2014Randy Brandt, I/O Silver, Neuromancer and Bob BishopNo Guest181.03
40.5November 7, 2014The Goldbergs episode commentaryN/A25.92
40October 19, 2014Chris Torrence, Assembly Lines and Roger Wagner, printers, Lode RunnerChris Torrence90.47
39September 30, 2014Gary B. Little, New Segments, Apple IIc CardsNo Guest102.98
38August 30, 2014The Lawless Legends Team, and KansasFest 2014Martin Haye, Brendan Robert, Seth Sternberger91.35
37July 19, 2014Quinn Dunki, Veronica, Halt and Catch Fire, and KansasFest 2014Quinn Dunki84.53
36March 10, 2014Evan Koblentz, VCF East, Softalk, and Apple2piEvan Koblentz86.00
35February 5, 2014Sean Fahey, Uthernet, Silvern Castle, and the Mac's 30thSean Fahey89.22
34January 2, 20142013 end-of-year roundtableAndy Molloy, Ivan Drucker, David Schmenk87.45
33December 20, 2013Andrew Schultz, interactive fiction, JSMESS, and SCOTTEVESTAndrew Schultz105.77
32November 2, 2013Bill Martens, history, Apple founders, and WOZPAKBill Martens119.15
31October 11, 2013Brendan Robert, Lawless Legends, Texas, and Wayne GreenBrendan Robert90.97
30September 2, 2013Charles Mangin, Jobs movie, Tetris, and S-PrizeCharles Mangin109.98
29July 4, 2013Mike Willegal, Apple-1, cons, and filmsMike Willegal105.05
28June 5, 2013Lon Seidman, BBSs, Steve Wozniak, and documentariesLon Seidman99.13
27May 8, 2013Daniel Kruszyna, demoparties, iSteve, and clonesDaniel Kruszyna87.67
26April 15, 2013Earl Evans, Z80, Zephyr, and LucasArtsEarl Evans92.78
25March 12, 2013 Egan Ford, 8088, Voyager, and abandonware Egan Ford100.88
24February 7, 2013Jimmy Maher, book publishing, jOBS, and C64Jimmy Maher102.02
23January 1, 20132012 year-end roundtableAndy Molloy, Peter Neubauer, Vince Briel, Antoine Vignau106.32
22December 7, 2012Kevin Savetz, 10 PRINT, Polaroids, and MicrozineKevin Savetz97.52
21November 11, 2012Geoff Weiss, SIS, Apple-1 auctions, and Web hostingGeoff Weiss51.38
20October 11, 2012Ewen Wannop, Spectrum, the next Apple II, and Mac MiniEwen Wannop97.52
19September 3, 2012David Schmidt, iOS games, Apple III, and IMSAIDavid Schmidt102.37
18August 14, 2012Wayne Arthurton, Paul Hagstrom, Jeremy Rand, and KansasFestWayne Arthurton, Paul Hagstrom, Jeremy Rand86.58
17July 8, 2012Rich Dreher, Apple-1, Atari, and Robert TrippRich Dreher, Robert Tripp138.42
16June 4, 2012Martin Haye, demoparty, Leisure Suit Larry, and clonesMartin Haye93.62
15May 7, 2012David Finnigan, new books, CRPGs, and prototypesDavid Finnigan93.00
April 30, 2012Talking with Brutal DeluxeAntoine Vignau, Olivier Zardini74.27
14April 5, 2012Brian Picchi, GameFest, Prince of Persia, and gadgetsBrian Picchi87.75
13March 7, 2012Andrew Roughan, Marinetti, Karateka, and e-booksAndrew Roughan86.53
12February 6, 2012Michael J Mahon, chiptune, source code, and demodulationMichael J Mahon117.95
11January 11, 2012David Greelish, Steve Weyhrich, John Sculley, and Steve JobsDavid Greelish, Steve Weyhrich98.97
10December 6, 2011Rob Kenyon, HyperCard, IFComp, and authenticityRob Kenyon85.1
9November 14, 2011Melissa Barron, Britannia Manor, floppy drives, and iOSMelissa Barron106.7
8October 3, 2011Kelvin Sherlock, Kickstarter, BASIC, and BCSKelvin Sherlock96.57
7August 10, 2011David Schmenk, KansasFest 2011, CFFA3000, and buttonsDavid Schmenk91.33
6July 15, 2011User groups, Beautiful Boot, KFest memories, and game tournaments103.65
5June 6, 2011Brian Wiser, museums, magazines, and UltimaBrian Wiser98.82
4May 11, 2011Steve Weyhrich, archiving history, humanism, and OutlandSteve Weyhrich, Chris Lackey80.38
3April 11, 2011Peter Neubauer, waiting for KansasFest, and edutainmentPeter Neubauer60.15
2March 7, 2011IvanX, VCF, VNC & GPLEIvan Drucker66.52
1February 7, 2011Welcome to Open AppleAndy Molloy34.57
December 31, 20112011 year-end roundtableTony Diaz, Sean Fahey, Andy Molloy, Eric Shepherd104.00
October 7, 2011Remembering Steve Jobs16.78
September 2, 2011Behind the Scenes45.57
July 23, 2011Open Megahertz: Live from KansasFest 2011Carrington Vanston45.72
April 29, 2011Remembering Ryan Suenaga20.92

Open Apple on the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, perhaps best known for its Wayback Machine, got a bump in popularity among Apple II users last year when noted KansasFest alumnus Jason Scott joined its staff. Suddenly, the work of our own community was being inducted into this vast collection. Open Apple co-host Mike Maginnis was one of the first, with his free and legal scans of Computist being added to the Archive, granting several benefits:

The issues are protected under the auspices of a library, and can be checked out by anyone who wants to head over there and read them online, or download the original PDFs, or anything else that might grab their fancy. It provides, along with Mike’s site and collection, a non-profit registered-library home dedicated to its preservation, and that’s pretty darn cool.

There’s another practical reason for anyone to contribute to this effort. As we discussed in the October episode of Open Apple, some retrocomputing enthusiasts feel that "There really does need to be a giant site for Apple II info though. [There are] too many small non-comprehensive sites out there." Although there is strength in our community’s diversity such that it may not behoove us to consolidate our efforts, a single repository to serve as at least a backup of our output is just good sense. Whatever the fates and whims of the Apple II’s aging content creators, the Internet Archive ensures that their products will live on beyond them.

Starting today, all past episodes of Open Apple will be available from the Internet Archive. They can be downloaded in their original MP3 format as well as Ogg Vorbis, both under the same Creative Commons license with which they were originally published.

We intend the Archive to be a timeless mechanism for discovery of our show, documenting the legacy and passion that produced an Apple II podcast. That said, the Archive’s collection by its nature lacks the exhaustive show notes that are a companion to every episode, and the latest episode will always be available exclusively at

We’ll continue expanding the Internet Archive with new episodes for some time to come — so stay tuned as we make history!