What they’re saying

I just listened to your first episode and am eagerly awaiting more. It was interesting and fun! At least now I can have a regular audible Apple II fix.

Brian Wiser

The first show was amazing! I thought that you, Mike and Andy had great chemistry. It is going to be nice to have a quality Apple II podcast that is on a regular schedule.

Mark Percival

Excellent idea and great first episode. It was cool hearing your guys first experience with the Apple II.

Brian Picchi

Listening to the Open Apple podcast, I found, was quite enjoyable. The topics of discussion spanned my primary interests and seemed to shed light on areas that have kept me coming back to the Apple II as my auxiliary computing platform.  With its feet planted in the past and in the present, this podcast re-lives A2 history and reviews current A2 events through its casual and accessible dialog.  My interest never flagged during the duration and I eagerly, and greedily, await more episodes.  My appetite for the personal Apple II experiences of others never seems to dull and having such an excellent new source to hear these discussions is clearly something to be excited about.

Dan McLaughlin

Congrats on your podcast! The world can’t have enough retro computing podcasts and yours definitely fills a void.

James Savage

I really enjoyed your first podcast. It was especially great to hear what Bill Budge has been doing since his Apple II RasterBlaster days. I’m going to subscribe.

Brian G. Mason

This show keeps me good company when I’m cooking or working around the house. It’s fun and easy listening, and pretty much a must for any Apple II fan. I love the various regular segments like looking at a unusual Apple II-related eBay items, or challenging the listener to identify a snippet of music from a classic Apple II game. The guests have been interesting and thought-provoking … I can recommend this with no reservations.

Martin Haye

These guys do an outstanding job of keeping the Apple II alive!

Todd Holcomb