Open Apple #74 (September 2017) – Mark Lemmert, Nox Archaist Kickstarter, Fake Quinn, and Softalk #5

This month on Open Apple, the part of Quinn Dunki is played by RCR Podcast co-host Carrington “Fake Quinn” Vanston. A post-KansasFest Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop returns to the show to promote the new Nox Archaist Kickstarter. You should contribute because it’s awesome to support those still developing for the Apple II and not just because you get cool stuff when you do (though that’s a thing that happens too!).

There’s lots of news to cover and Carrington has opinions on all of it. Only on Open Apple can you hear him trash clones, accelerators, ProDOS, retro BBSes, and a random assortment of other topics! Fun for the whole family! We also chat about Apple II music and there’s general confusion about Australian Apple II conferences (when is there not on Open Apple?)

eBay isn’t talked about (because we don’t talk about eBay) and we deconstruct Softalk #5.

RCR Podcast – Listen to this show! (but only after you listen to Open Apple)

Monsterfeet – All things Carrington

Nox Archaist – 6502 Workshop’s upcoming RPG for the Apple II

Nox Archaist Kickstarter

Nox Archaist on YouTube – Keep up with all the latest development news

ANTIC – Mike goes all Atari in this episode of ANTIC, the Atari Podcast

Nox Archaist Demo at KansasFest 2017

FlexiDisc – All your Apple II software needs. Now on bendy vinyl!

Tech Republic’s Evan Koblentz visits KansasFest

KansasFest YouTube channel

KansasFest 2018 dates announced – Be there!

Another Apple-1 auction – This time at Charitybuzz

Woz talks about the Zaltair ad

Rainbow Apple logo retired 18 years ago

PCWeek visits the Living Computers Museum

Elk Cloner wasn’t the first computer virus

Retro Roundup

MultiTech Micro Professor III (MPF-III) clone

WOzFest S7,D2

Oz Kfest – A URL shortener for Apple II sites

FASTChip //e accelerator – Currently out of stock

Quinn fixes the beep

Captain’s Quarters BBS resurrected

Adventures in Flatland isn’t just a book

John Brooks’ Bitsy Rip preview

Introducing DSKalyzer, a command-line disk tool written in Go

RIP French Touch

Review:‘The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs’ at Santa Fe Opera

New 8 Bit Weapon Album: Class Apples

Harry Spragens’ Apple II music memories

Portal on an Apple II – Not Apple II Portal. Confused yet?

A musical performance sync’d to Apple II animation

Stynx’s Vintage Micro Music channel on Soundcloud

The Octalyzer – 3D video on your Apple II

Paleotronic Magazine – Retro-technology for today’s world!

Albert Computer Apple II clone – We don’t talk about eBay

Softalk #5

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