Open Apple #73 (August 2017) – Assembly Chicken PolyANTICast Roundtable

This month on Open Apple, we run the annual group megapodcast that is recorded live at KansasFest! This is a four-year-old tradition whereby all the attending retro podcasters get together and do one big silly show together. It’s clunky, it’s pointless, and the audio quality is terrible because we’re all crowded one microphone in a grungy old basement chapel. Yet it’s one of our favorite things to do every year, so we hope you enjoy listening!

Around the table this year we have Quinn Dunki, Paul Hagstrom, John Leake, Chris Torrence, Kay Savetz, Ken Gagne, Charles Mangin, and Carrington Vanston, and Michael Mulhern. Find links to all the podcasts mentioned in this show, after the jump!

Feel like you’re missing out on all this fun? Come to KansasFest in 2018 and join in! We’d all love to meet you.

Open Apple – Hurr hurr

Retrocomputing Roundtable – A revolving discussion group of all things retrocomputing

Drop III Inches – The Apple III podcast. Don’t drop it!

Retro MacCast – Where great old Macs live again!

Assembly Lines – A video channel with all sorts of Apple II projects.

ANTIC – The Atari 8-bit podcast. It’s so good that Quinn won’t even boo it.

Eaten By A Grue – The Infocom podcast. Gotta play ’em all!

PolyGamer – All about equality and diversity in gaming.

How II – The video channel for learning how to work with your Apple II.

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