Correction to episode #25

Open Apple is not a live show, giving its hosts the opportunity to edit the audio extensively prior to publication. We remove “ums” and “ers”, correct factual mistakes, and reorder sound bites to improve the flow of conversation. We’ve never made a secret of this fact, having conducted behind-the-scenes presentations that reveal our workflow.

But just as mistakes can happen in a live recording, so can they occur in editing. In the March 2013 episode, guest Egan Ford spoke at length on which CPU was faster, the 6502 or the 8088. During post-production, we were informed that he had reversed the comparison at one point. Due to a miscommunication, the editors thought this reversal had occurred consistently throughout the original audio. The result: we swapped Egan’s audio throughout the show to state that he had proven the 6502 to be faster, which is not the case.

Mr. Ford never stated, argued, or proved such a thing; on the contrary, his extensive research into the subject (the results of which are pending publication) demonstrates the higher speed of the 8088 compared to the 6502. Though these edits were made in good faith, we did not intend to modify the intention of Mr. Ford’s words. We therefore humbly apologize for misrepresenting this esteemed member of the Apple II community.

This correction will be restated in the April 2013 episode of Open Apple, which we hope this error will not deter our listeners from staying tuned for.

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