Open Apple #16 (Jun 2012): Martin Haye, demoparty, Leisure Suit Larry, and clones

Martin Haye

Martin HayeThis month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken speak with Martin Haye, 8-bit programmer extraordinare. We love us some conventions, be they KansasFest, the Vintage Computer Festival, @party, ROFLCon, or WordCamp. We wonder why video games have abandoned humor and if Kickstarter can bring it back. Steve Wozniak is advising the Steve Jobs film — no, not the one in which Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs, but that raises the question: who will play the hosts of Open Apple? On eBay, we’re suspicious of an Apple IIe that was supposedly once Jobs’, and we wish there were a more comprehensive online resource for Apple II clones.

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Introduction (0:00 – 15:29)

User Login (15:30 – 29:46)

II News (29:47 – 1:15:32)

Apple Pickings (1:15:33 – 1:33:17)