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Show #3 eBay auction results

In the April episode of the Open Apple podcast, Mike, Ken, and Peter reviewed several eBay auctions. The results of those auctions are below, in the order in which they ended. (Some "Buy It Now" auctions are not included.)

TitleStarting bidEnd date# BidsSold
Apple IIGS Woz Signature Edition$3,000 (Buy It Now)This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
Sammy Lightfoot$0.99Mar 28, 201116:56:29 PDT6$208.05 + $30.92 S&H
Bob Bishop's Bomber$0.99Mar 28, 201119:53:39 PDT6$20.45 + $5 S&H
Apple Adventure (disk only)$1.00Apr 08, 201121:23:40 PDT2$10.50 + $4.95 S&H
5.25" Kraft Disk Notcher$58.99 (Buy It Now)Apr 16, 201106:56:08 PDT0relisted

Peter NeubauerThe third monthly episode of Open Apple, recorded on April 3, 2011, has Mike and Ken joined by KansasFest committee member Peter Neubauer. The three look forward to attending KansasFest and VCF and reading Juiced.GS, 300 Baud, Twisty Little Passages, and Don Lancaster’s Assembly Cookbook; review favorite edutainment software; gawk at outrageous eBay “Buy It Now” prices; and discover remakes of classic games Ultima, King’s Quest, SimCity, Lode Runner, Wizardry, Choplifter, and more.

Winning a two-day pass to VCF East is Marvin Malkowski Jr., who correctly named the game from last month’s episode! The prize for this month’s contest is a $25 discount off KansasFest registration or a free KansasFest 2011 t-shirt, both courtesy KansasFest sponsor 16Sector.

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