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Welcome to the Open Apple podcast, the first and only co-hosted podcast dedicated to the Apple II. Join us each month as we share news and memories of Steve Wozniak's most famous personal computer.

Meet the hosts of Open Apple:

Mike Maginnis
Mike Maginnis
Mike has been an Apple II user since 1982. Mike lives in Colorado and works as a technical writer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Ken Gagne
Ken Gagne
Ken has been an Apple II user since 1983. He is editor and publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II's longest-running print publication, and is marketing director for the community's annual convention, KansasFest. Every Monday, Ken blogs about the Apple II on Apple II Bits and hosts the Challenge Talk podcast for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He lives in Massachusetts, where he is the senior associate online editor for Computerworld magazine.

You may email Mike and Ken via our online contact form.

Credits & Acknowledgements

All songs in this podcast are used under license from OverClocked ReMix or under Creative Commons license from the Free Music Archive:

  • The opening music is "Right Back To You" from the Wizwars album Game Boy Rock!!
  • We welcome our guests in User Login to a backdrop of "Moduless" from the Paza album The Slaphappy Bee III.
  • The II News segment opens with "Tetris 'Thirty-Plus Mix'" by Ian Grover.
  • The Retroviews opening is set to "Aaaaa" from Lithis by iHyper.
  • Apple Pickings has as its background music "nv4.dll" from the Bondage Fairies album Cheap Italian Wine.
  • Name the Game is preceded by the music of "Amberstar 'AmberTrance'" by Jochen Hippel.
  • The show closes with "Marble Madness 'raMble and Mess'" by Justin Tense.

The (now-retired) "Name the Game" segment was stolen frominspired by a similar feature on Xbox Live's Major Nelson podcast.

Voiceovers are provided by Emily Kahm, an alumna of Rockhurst University, home of KansasFest.

The show's album artwork is an original creation designed for Open Apple by Peter Neubauer.

Mike's recording hardware consists of an AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone and Blue Microphones Icicle USB pre-amp with shock mount, desktop microphone stand, and pop filter. Ken uses a Logitech USB Headset H530.

Discussions are held over Skype, recorded and edited with Audacity, WireTap Studio, and Levelator, converted in iTunes, and published with WordPress, Blubrry, and Feedburner.

The site's content is created and maintained using a variety of software, including Dark Room, TextWrangler, Windows Live Writer, MarsEdit, GraphicConverter, Transmit, and Safari.

This site's banner, favicon, and RSS image use this Flickr photo with express permission from photographer Julio Martinez.

Open Apple is an independent publication that is not affiliated with Resource Central, Gamebits, Juiced.GS, KansasFest, Syndicomm, 16Sector, A2Central, or any other Apple II organization. The views and opinions expressed on Open Apple are solely those of its hosts and guests.